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How does Jesus' death atone for my sins?

How can Jesus dying on a cross save me?

START HERE: It can be difficult to understand how a man who lived and died 2,000 years ago could atone for our sins today. They answer isn’t complicated, but it is often overlooked. But first, let’s quickly go over the basics: Is the Bible true? Accurate? Did Jesus actually walk the earth? What did he teach? What is sin? And why do I need saved from it?

Maybe your faith is waning or needs a boost. Maybe you’re on the fence about following Jesus. Or maybe there is someone you’d like to share the gospel with and need something concise to send. This one is for you.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus?

What did Jesus teach? Was he the Son of God? Why did he die on a cross? What is he doing now and when is he coming back? This will be a 7-part series. We’ll discuss Jesus’ childhood, ministry, death, resurrection and lastly I’ll be sharing my encounter with him in a dream. It’s a lot to cover. People have written entire books on each question but I’m keeping things concise so we can take in the big picture, so we can begin to understand His story.

Who are angels?

What does the Bible say about angels? How many are there? Do I have a guardian angel? Are they male or female? How do they do battle in the spiritual realm? The Bible does not spell out the angelic world in detail, but does leave us pieces. Let’s explore what it does say and leave the rest a mystery as it is not integral to our salvation. That relies fully upon Jesus!

Free memory verse cards - scripture memorization - printable - Christian Bible study

Memory verse cards

Starting the first week in January I’m going to try memorizing one verse a week. That’s 52 verses in one year! Let’s do it together. Sign up for my email for your free cards, then follow me on Instagram — @house.of.palms — for a weekly reminder and encouragement. I’m so excited to store this treasure in my heart and hope you are too, friend.

Thought Life Challenge

We’re going to go through 30 days of simple, specific exercises to uncover our thinking strongholds, say goodbye to negativity and begin a thought life full of gratitude and joy!

I didn’t even know that I could control my thoughts until I was in my 30s! Now, after research, I understand that I am not hostage to my thoughts and am even capable of controlling how my brain grows.

Yep, you heard me right! It’s called neuroplasticity and, simply put, it’s the brain’s ability to grow and adapt. If you continue to think postive thoughts your brain will improve postively. If you think negatively, your brain will grow negatively. 

With neuroplasticity in mind, I’ve created a 30-day challenge, one exercise a day — first working to identify negativity and weed it out, and secondly to find joy through gratitude, prayer and focusing on the positive. 

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